Business Ideas In Assam

Business Ideas In Assam

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Business Ideas in assam. Before we start discussing about business ideas in assam lets focus on some real figures and facts about asaam business opportunities, economy and its growth in assam.

assam is the largest economy in the northeastern india. assam alone contributes 1/7 of total tea production across the globe and also it is the world’s largest tea growing in the world.

in india assam alone produce 53.55% of total tea production, in year 2019-20 assam alone produces 694.53 million kgs of tea.

except of its amazing tea production assam also has more than 20 industrial estates, 3 industrial growth centers, 11 Integrated Infrastructure Development Depots, 17 industrial areas, 12 growth centres, eight mini industrial estates, one export promotion park and one food processing industrial park.

today estimated GDP of assam is more than 4.09 trillion rupees.

Thats enough for assam business and industrial condition to know more follow this brief guide.

Now we are ready to discuss some of the most profitable business ideas in assam that you start, so without further ado, lets dive in….

Business Ideas In Assam

Agricultural Business Idea

Lets start with some agricultural business ideas in assam like :

  • Agricultural Firm
  • Vermicompost Organic fertilizer Production.
  • Dried plower business.
  • Fertilizer distribution.
  • poltry farming.
  • Sunflower Farming.
  • Fish farming.
  • Tea export.
  • Fruits and vegetables export.

I will definatly recommend you to go for agricultural business ideas in assam because:

  • Tax benifits.
  • It allows you for diversification because you can expand your field or work in multiple fields.
  • In india the population growth indicates that there will be huge demand for food and agricultural products.
  • Agricultural business has a low correlation between main stream assets like equities, fixed income etc.

Agricultural business ideas in assam is one of the most profitable business ideas in assam.


The tea industry in assam is not new, its 172 years old!

Golden Tea Leaf Co. offers innovative, exclusive and original award-winning Teas - Comunicaffe International

Assam is the largest tea producer in india and if you able to turn this opportunity into business then you can definitely plant a money making tree!

Asaam is world famous for its largest and finest quality tea production. Tea business can be a real gem for you because assam produces one of the finest, purest, high quality and healthy tea.

Asaam’s tea is not only famous in india, it is famous across the globe and you can take advantage of it by selling it to abroad.

To get started with your tea business in assam you can refer this source or you can visit assam’s official govt. tea portal here.

Here are quick steps to remember before starting out with tea business:

  • You need to have deep understanding of Camellia Sinensis, because Camellia Sinensis can produce over 1000 types of tea such as Yellow Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Puer Tea, Oolong & White Tea are all harvested from it.
  • Identify your audience size and marketing approach.
  • Understand your core competency because indian market is huge and india comes 2nd in tea consumption after chine.
  • Tea Packaging.
  • Proper storage of tea.
  • Educate your internal and external team.

You can follow this steps and the refered articles above to successfully launch your tea business in assam.


Yellow Sericulture Net, Rs 103 /piece Prathu Agro | ID: 1661237448

sericulture which is also referred as silk farming where people cultivate silkworms to produce silk.

in sericulture business people cultivate silkworms to get raw silk and this entire process from soil to silk is broadly segmented into four interdependent agro-industrial activities. The four agro-industrial segments are:

  • Mulberry farming.
  • Silkworm rearing and cocoon production.
  • Weaving of silk fabric.
  • Production of raw silk.

If you can start sericulture business in assam than you can make good profit out of it.

A new improvised technique is introduced in sericulture by the government department of sericulture has started paying dividends, and the farmers earning is profit.

With this technique farmers can potentially earn between Rs.45000 to Rs.60000 in 45 days.

You will be needed some initial investment nearly about Rs.15000 excluding land and rearing place cost.

To know more detailed information about sericulture business in assam check out this resource.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Services

B2B Is a kind of business model that is needed for our entrepreneurs across india so that entrepreneur in india will help with their new business journey.

In recent years b2b business models are becoming popular with time. B2B services are often performed on a freelance basis or as an incorporated business.

Business ideas in assam
B2B eCommerce

You can offer different services to other businesses such as :

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Writing services.
  • Analytics for small businesses.
  • Research services/competitive research/Market study.
  • Employee recruitment services.
  • Book keeping.

there are more categories in this b2b market you will get to know more opportunities as well if you dig deeper into this business.

To know more about what is exactly b2b business you can refer to this source.

To know more about business ideas you can refer our business ideas.

Fish Farming

There is no doubt that fish farming is one the most lucrative business ideas if started with a good business plan and a minimum amount of investment.

Fish farming is a very profitable venture business in assam, but getting started with any business you need to study about the process carefully and need to know how the process works.

The must process you need to go through before starting out is marketing analysis process.

You can make potentially more money if you provide cheap but nutritious ingredients in the lower food chain.

Tilapia farming is the one of the most profitable fish to farm, but as i already mentioned you need to study your overall market including local market and study the trends in assam.

Steps to start Fish Farming Business:

  • Plan your business and your market.
  • Initial investment required.
  • How much you will charge to your customers.
  • Name a relatable but catchy business name.
  • Get your legal entities done.
  • Obtain required permits and license.
  • Certificate for your occupancy.
  • Establish a good web presence.

These are the following steps we think you should consider before starting out your fish farming in assam.

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