Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Profit

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Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Profit, reliance is one of the most reputed brands out there in India and if you want to get into a reliance oil segment business then reliance petrol pump dealership is the best option.

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before getting started, lets see what is covered in this article:

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Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Profit:

opening petrol requires a large investment such as 15-20 lakhs, but if you open it with proper planning and in the proper area, it easy to make around 4-5 lakhs per month without a doubt.

the income depends on how many liters you are selling per month, generally, you get commission cut pay per liter.

the commission per liter vary from Rs 3.0/litre or sometimes Rs 5.0/litre except for the commission per liter they also earn from overprices sandwiches.

petrol pump owners make around 205/- per KL (kilo-litre) with 0.89% extra on retail petrol where the diesel varies from 1502.13 per KL (kilo-litre) and 0.27% retail price.

Your earning also depends on your pump’s locality and how far it is from the main road because you want to fill the maximum number of vehicles as possible to maximize your income.

but somehow if you are not able to manage a large place or not able to manage to get a place near to the main road, then you can make around 1-1.5 lakh per month.

for example you sell around 400 liter petrol Kilo-litre petrol and able to generate a revenue of minimum 10 lakhs,

so with that, you know how to make money or gain maximum Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Profit.

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Petrol Pump Dealership Investment:

opening a petrol pump is not a small investment business idea, it requires a minimum of 10-15 lakhs of rupee to get started, it also varies from different areas.

in some urban area it can go upto 50 lakhs, but if you do not have cash then don’t worry you can use following types of fund to get started:

  • fixed deposit.
  • shares or mutual funds.
  • savings.
  • loan.
  • Postal Scheme.

Things Required To Start Petrol Pump Business:

Land Requirement For petrol pump dealership business:

to get started with the petrol pump business, you must have a minimum area available so that you can set up your petrol pump.

you can use your own property or you can lease an area for a longer period of time.

you follow two kinds of outlet in petrol pump business such as:

  • Regular Retails Outlets: on urban areas, or near national highways or state highways.
  • rural retail outlets: near rural areas or near small highways.

generally, for reliance petrol pump Dealership, you need a minimum of 800 sq. meters – 1200 sq of land.

you can visit reliance official website to know more.

before you make the decision of opening a petrol pump, beware of the location and planning.


just like the land, the machines are equally important to start a reliance petrol pump business.

as we know in petrol pump two machines are available, one is for diesel and another one is for petrol, these machines are not cheap or affordable each can reach up to 10 lakhs.

Underground Tank:

This is really important and without underground take it is almost impossible for you to operate a petrol pump.

you need to set up two different tanks, one is for petrol and another is for diesel just like the machines. The cost can vary but most probably one tank setup can go up to 5 lakhs each.


canopy is a kind of shed that is been placed above the petrol pump to get protection against sunlight and rain.

reliance petrol pump dealership profit

the price of a canopy can go beyond 10 lakhs which is for 700+ square feet, if you want two canopies to cover more area, you need to spend almost 20 lakhs.

Salesroom or staffs room:

The presence of salesroom is mandatory for every petrol pump because that is for billing and purchase-related quarries.

the price of building one sales room can vary from 5-10 lakhs of rupee.

Miscellaneous expenses:

starting a business doesn’t always mean you can have a fixed budget to start with, you never know when your business will ask for extra money.

in reliance petrol pump dealership business you will require some extra money for documentation and paper works, license costs, getting authority, and also some other expenses that vary from location to location.

How To Apply For Petrol Pump Dealership License:

As of now, you know that a License and other documents are required to start a reliance petrol pump dealership.

License is a must for your company to get started with petrol pump business because while you are dealing with hazardous chemicals and other risky substances you need to have a valid license legally.

to apply for a reliance petrol pump dealership license you have to check for the advertisement or the notice published by the oil companies in India.

with the advertisement itself the company will provide you the eligibility and the documents required to start the business.

after you go through the advertisement or the notice you will get to know you should apply online or offline.

In the eligibility criteria you will be required with following documents:

  • your property/land papers should be legal and should not be outdated, you can have your own land or leased one but it must have valid papers.
  • you must have enough funds in your bank account for the License approval or you can also show your annual turnover or so if you already own a business.
  • with all those, you must have ITR ( income tax return ), GST registration papers, and VAT registration papers as well.
  • once you are ready with all these document papers you are ready to apply for the license and you have to issue a DD ( Demand draft ) to the company.

after you meet all the requirements mentioned above or in the official website you can apply for the further process.

Application Fees:

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Profit is a profitable business idea we know but it can come expensive specially if you have no previous business background

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