Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India [ Guide ]

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Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India, Direct selling companies are very profitable if you plan and create a well-enhanced distribution network that can add up more sales under your management.

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Follow these PDF to know the market share of the Top 10 direct selling companies in India

Some of the top 10 direct selling companies in india will help you to earn massive amount of money in the competitive market while sitting at home.

as mentioned earning money is possible and it is likely to earn a lot, but need patience and must be consistent with your work and efforts.

you might see some pretty successful people in direct selling business companies who are earning in six figures or more, are into these field from last 5-7 years minimum.

To earn and excel in top 10 direct selling companies in india, you must create strong connections with other people not only within your community but also with other people who help you to generate sales.

you need to follow some systematic ways to earn and get success in direct selling companies in India.

  • The more you learn the more you earn– in this direct selling business industry, you need to learn continuously to stay ahead in the game, you need to know market research, the growth process for a company, and familiar with website and forums.
  • Proper training– it is not recommended that you jump directly into direct selling companies without any proper knowledge or training, you must know what you need to do to achieve success.
  • Source and connections– Earning money from direct selling companies are all about strategies and good connections that in return will generate sales for you.

so now we know what it takes to be successful in direct selling companies in India, without further ado, let’s jump into the top 10 direct selling company in India

Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India:

Oriflame India-

Oriflame the name itself is a brand Oriflame started its operation in India in 1996.


Oriflame first started out in Sweden in 1967 as a direct selling business, and it was founded by brothers Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, and Bengt Hellsten.

when Oriflame first launched in 1996 in India, they believed that India is a large potential for Oriflame and presently Oriflame has a turnover of more than 1000 crore.

the earning and working process of oriflame is very simple:

you enjoy 20% of profit when your customers buys product from you, the more they buy the more you earn.

every month Oriflame launch their product new product catalog where they showcase their new product launch, and that helps you to showcase Oriflame products to your customers.

their catalogue comes from their headoffice Sweden.

how You can earn money with oriflame?

you have to resell oriflame products to your clients and customers and when they complete a purchase with oriflame you will be credited 20% of commission.

you have to build your own team, where other people will sell under you, then also you will be credited some fraction of commission.

Top 10 direct selling company in india.
Source :

to know more about the successful earning process with the top 10 direct selling companies in India Oriflame, check their official website here at Oriflame India.

Amway India-

Amway was first established in the year 1995 by alticor, they started their operation in India in May 1998.

when Amway launched in India they emerged themselves as the largest direct selling company in India and came under the top 10 direct selling companies in India.

amway logo

with their first launch, they make Indian citizens believe that they can start their own business from home and they also provided them products with more than 140 variants.

you can make profit from amway as well by selling their products to your clients and customers and when they complete their purchase you will enjoy certain commission such as 20%.

amway provide a lot of provide variations such as nutrition products, beauty products, personal care, home care products, business support resources and even agricultural resources as well.

Amway resellers are also referred to as ABOs ( Amway business owners ), the best part is that they now provide more than 350 variations on the products mentioned above.

you can also earn a bonus amount of money if you hit a target given by the company Amway.

keep one thing in mind if you want to make good amount of money from direct selling companies in india, then you have to create your networking strong, and thus it is also termed as ” Network Marketing “.

today Amway makes more than 800 crore revenue. you can check their official website at


it is almost very hard to believe that when you search about top network marketing companies in India and you didn’t face vestige.

Top 10 direct selling company in india

vestige marketing private limited was launched in year 2004 , vestige quickly able to capture the market successfully because they came up with some the best world class products in health and personal care.

what makes vestige is so convenient is that they are very accessible with their 147+ offices and more than 1500 collection centers across India.

there also benefits and schemes you will receive with vestige such as:

  • Wellness Program.
  • Suggestions Scheme.

these programs held by vestige per year to ensure wellness and fitness of their employees, and also the best part about vestige and what makes them unique is that they appreciate their employees’ suggestion for the betterment of their company’s future.


To date, vestige has more than 300 products in the health, wellness, beauty, and personal care segment.

vestige also ranks in the top 30 among 200 DNS companies globally and that gives them recognition as a top network marketing company in India that deals globally.

to know more you can check their official website at vestige.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing-

Top 10 direct selling company in india
Mi Lifestyle Marketing

Mi Lifestyle Marketing global private limited company that deals with premium lifestyle products for our day to day use.

their wide range of lifestyle products include wellness products, nutritional products, health-care products and they also provide ways to generate income for their direct marketers.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing is among the top 10 direct selling company in India that is known for its lifestyle range.

Top 10 direct selling company in India.

Mi lifestyle was founded by Praveen Chandan in 2013 in chennai.

the best part of mi lifestyle marketing company is that they offer wide range of possible opportunities for their marketers to earn such as:

  • retail profits.
  • loyalty bonus.
  • sales turnover.
  • the star performer of the month.
  • performance bonus.
  • ranking bonus.

to know more about the opportunities check their official website at Mi lifestyle, if you want to register as a distributer check here.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing provides over 200 products range in almost every lifestyle and wellness range, with a turnover of more than 1000 crores.

Enagic India-

you may not have heard about Enagic India, but this is one of the popular players in the top 10 direct selling company in India.

Top 10 direct selling company in india.
Enagic India

Enagic was founded by Hironari Ohshiro in the year 1974 in japan.

Enagic India was established in india in 2016 Bangalore.

Enagic India is a powerful international brand that provides numerous opportunities to earn such as:

  • Global Leadership Incentive.
  • Title Incentive.
  • Override Commission.
  • Educational Allowance.
  • Direct Sales Commission.
  • Quarterly Incentive.

and many more earning opportunities, the best part about Enagic India is that being an international brand you can get global exposure for yourself and your network.

to earn and to become an Enagic India distributor, you have to get a machine from another existing distributor, once you have the machine they will ask you to become a distributor, you need to tap “YES” and you will become a distributor.

Enagic India is the main manufacturer and supplier of the Kangen water system,  water ionizer, and alkaline water material as well.

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